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More Sturge / Montserrat stuff

And here's some more notes - thanks to JE Sturge . .
“TA Twyman’s visit to Trinidad, Montserrat, USA and Canada. September – December 1930.
[started a factory in Trinidad – three others started too, thinking there were profits to be made]. . from purely commercial considerations, it would probably be better to give up the attempt to grow limes in Montserrat and look to Trinidad only for supplies of juice.
[selling botanic station to the Government – I didn’t realise it was a MC enterprise, but its hardly surprising]
. . a new hospital has been built near to Plymouth. The Scotch Matron in charge when I was in Montserrat in 1928 is still there and is doing excellent work.
[there’s also an abbreviated report – which includes the Montserrat limes’ detail – and about selling the trade mark in Canada?]

A Survey of the part played by the Montserrat Company Limited in the economic and social development of the island of Montserrat, West Indies. DF Browne. [prob 1968]
[Quotes on other crops: bananas mentioned in 1955 report of the Company Attorney FS Delisle:]
“without doubt the greatest agricultural boon on the island is bananas”
[Quotes on other crops: papaw milk mentioned in 1955 report of the Company Attorney FS Delisle:]
“It is difficult to overestimate the importance to the peasantry of the money thus put into circulation (ie by selling the papaw ‘milk’). Some idea may, perhaps, be formed from the fact that the ‘milk’ is carried for miles from the place from where it is collected to the buyers. The money so spent probably constitutes the largest direct form of monetary payment reaching the peasantry during the past two years.”
[Quotes on other crops: onions mentioned in a 1957 report of the Company Attorney FS Delisle:]
“Very considerable interest is also shown in a new variety of onion which has been tested by ourselves and others throughout the island. Although we have previously been able to grow onions on Montserrat on a fairly large scale, a variety which will keep has never been found until now. The new onion has had enthusiastic reports from the Southern and Bermuda markets and there seems to be no reason why this crop should not form part of a very valuable sideline on the estate”

This book is given to the
children of Montserrat
to remind them of
JOSEPH STURGE (1847 – 1934)
who often visited the island
Also in memory of
his father JOSEPH STURGE
who came in 1837 and
who helped to free the
people of Montserrat from
a life of slavery”
[Given in MC school ? date]

Various other notes to me:

Reference in: A Survey of the part played by the Montserrat Company Limited in the economic and social development of the island of Montserrat, West Indies. DF Browne. [prob 1968]
[Quotes as a reference: Records of Montserrat: Mr Savage English]

[Ginning – separates lint from seed
Then crush seed for edible oil
By product is cotton seed meal – high protein cattle feed]

[S Gloucester villages:
Olveston – from 3 estates previously called Hope, Needsmust and Freemans
Elberton – birthplace of famous JS – previously Bransby’s
Family originating in Bristol area.]

[John and E Sturge – chemical company – sold to another company – Alan Bridge acquired huge amount of J and E Sturge documents – but unkeen to share without a parking ticket guarantee – wants to put it all in a museum: Clark (shoes) museum in Street/Streatham.]
Mar 25 is the anniversary of Trading act – on Sat 24 before – statue will be rededicated, and a blue plaque ‘opened’

Kingsley Howe: said he’d seen an oriole once – and JS has never seen one

Exodus from M in 1917: building the Panama canal

[Quakers and slavery – Whitfield and Georgia – and religious link – this is a story to follow up. Try biog for JS and Euston Quaker library]

[Joseph Sturge took a trip to Crimea to try to stop war – there’s a book about the trek: collection of letters – from descendant of one of the other – Friends Book Centre – or via Sturge family website.
Also tried to stop Denmark – Schleswig Holstein war – shuttle diplomacy]

[Try www.sturgefamily ]
Look in Birmingham library for Sturge correspondence – and Quaker library in Euston for biogs at least

[Wilson Sturge, son of Charles: after bankruptcy . . in Russia, then Dukhobors in Cyprus, and then Canada – protesting naked. Then Wilson died at sea. – see SL Lewis]

Gaunts Earthcott to Frederick Road. An account of the Sturges of Birmingham, by Sylvia Lloyd Lewis. [Pamphlet. Written for the 1980 Sturge Pilgrimage]
“Sophia [sister of Joseph VI] kept house for Joseph except during his marriage; she was perhaps rather strict, as there is mention of her insisting on Greek lessons for visiting nephews supposed to be on holiday”
[Then there is another Sophia, sister to Joseph VII – who worked on peace and basketry in Ireland]

“Some Negro Proverbs [undated on notepaper from Spring Gardens, 183 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge – likely to be one of the three daughters of JE Sturge, all born in M, who returned later]
Buckra work nebber done ~
Bull horn nebber too heavy for him head ~
Cashew nebber bear guava ~
Bragging ribber nebber drown anybody ~
Cockroach nebber so drunk, him nebber walk past fowlyard ~
Cousin Fowl always boil good soup
Coward men keep whole bones
When cockroach make dance, him no ape Fowl
When Cow no hab tail, Gor ? a Mighty brush away Fly
When black Man tief – him tief half a bit (4d). When buckra tief – him tief whole Estate
Stone Walls hab Eyes
Table Napkin want to turn Tablecloth
Spider an Fly cant make bargain
Two Bull cant stand in one Pen
Shoes alone know if Stocking hab holes ~
No throw away dirty water afore you have clean ~
Misfortune nebber throw cloud
Hungry fowl wake soon
Good Friend better dan Money in de Pocket
Hand full, Hand come
Hog run for him life. Dog run for him character ~
Hab money, hab friend ~
Cunning better dan Strong ~
One tief no like to see nother Tief carry long Bag ~
Cockroach nebber in de right before Fowl
Sickness ride horse to come
Take foot to go away ~

[Photos To insert dates of photoalbums:]
o Ecuelling limes by hand – good photos: one close up, the other further away
o Also 2 good photo of shipping limes / juice barrels into small boats
Joe Sturge says that the boats went round the island to ship from different places

Watchhook pin of JS hair. “This pin was meant to fasten into a bedhanging. It has a hook from which to hang a watch. Behind the glass is a plait [flat, like chairtop weave] of Joseph Sturge VI’s hair [grey, golden – difficult to know if its bleached since being made], and on the back is inscribed: JS 5 / 14 / 1859 [in copperplate]”

Memoirs of JS. Henry Richard 1865 [Definitive, if flowery, biog].

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